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Välj `Kom ihåg mig på denna dator` alternativ om du vill logga in automatiskt på denna dator i framtiden. Ditt konto kommer att vara aktivt i 45 dagar. Vänligen använd inte `Kom ihåg mig` alternativet på en allmänt tillgänglig dator eller en dator som används av mer än en person.



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Black Friday 2020

This Black Friday 2020 at Snowinn is going to be legendary.

Start getting ready for Black Friday 2020 in our Snowinn store, we are holding a celebration of the best known offers in the world with the best discounts so that you catch the Christmas shopping fever.

From the comfort of your own home, have a good look around our store so that you that you want for sky and snowboard and brands such as Salomon, Atomic, Superdry, Head, Burton, Sorel, whose strength and durability are guaranteed.


When is Black Friday?

The next Black Friday takes place on 27th November. This great day takes place every year a day after America´s Thanksgiving and at Snowinn we extend it until Cyber Monday, to celebrate Black Week 2020 which will begin from Monday 25th November.

Take advantage of Black Friday´s super discounts on sky and snowboard items that we have prepared at Snowinn so that you indulge in the urge to buy what you need most in order to complete and reach your goals in your favourite sport with excellent quality.

Take advantage of the incredible Black Friday offers and get ready for Christmas, buying your partner, child, niece or nephew, parents or friends whatever they want, maybe to help them reach their goals.

History of Black Friday

The origin of Black Friday dates back to 1869 when Jay Gould and Jim Fisk, two Wall Street brokers sent hundreds of companies and investors bankrupt who had bet large sums of money on the gold market. The events of Friday 4th September of that year were so terrible that they named it “black Friday”.

Another story of how Black Friday emerged says that it was in 1966 in Philadelphia where the term was heard again in reference to the traffic chaos caused by Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving.

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