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Review Salomon X-Max X8

Review Salomon X-Max X8

Data 13/12/2019

The Salomon X-Max X8 stands out mainly for the combination of excellent stability and grip, which will allow you to get the most out of your turns on the track.


Unlike other sports, in skiing, the material is a determining factor since all the movements we make to make each turn are transmitted to the snow through our skis. For this reason, it is very important to equip yourself with the best material to fully enjoy and continue to improve your skills as a skier.


Track skiing is based on performing a good technique with the aim of achieving greater effectiveness in each turn and without skis that are adapted according to your needs, your performance could be affected. At first glance and being accustomed to skiing with competitive skis, I thought that this model would be too soft and would not support me in hard snow, but when the moment of truth arrived, I got a big surprise. As soon as I started to link turns together, it felt very positive, both in short turns and in long turns, the ski responded perfectly entering the curve with great precision and drive causing a surprisingly explosive end-of-curve reaction.


I have tried them at the Baqueira Beret station, a terrain with many skiable kilometres and a great variability of tracks with very varied conditions, tracks with steep slope, average slope, flat, changes in elevation ... And also, different types of snow. Skiing has responded positively to these situations


I recommend it to both expert skiers and intermediate skiers willing to improve technically.