Völkl UTOPIA XL 15/16

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Völkl UTOPIA XL 15/16


Völkl UTOPIA XL 15/16

Völkl UTOPIA XL 15/16

Völkl UTOPIA XL 15/16



The Fastec Utopia’s key element is a high-end baseplate, made from flexible plastic, which adapts to a board’s flex. In combination with the medium-soft flex of the asymmetric highback they are a little more forgiving than aluminum counterparts. This is great news for freestylers and all-mountain riders, who dig the comfort of the Fastec System with its tool-free forward lean and strap adjustment. The fully dampened footbed and EVA Highback-Pad guarantee softened landings even in icy parks. It is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a cooperative and comfortable binding


- Versatile & agile - asymmetrical highback (medium flex)
- Comfortable - fully cushioned footbed
- Fast & simple - Fastec System with Micro Pump Buckles & tool-free adjustment


Drop-back highback with quick release lever:

- The handy lever allows drop-back highbacks to be open and closed in a single move! A little pressure on the lever makes the highback drop backwards, opening the Auto-Release Buckles on the way. Since the straps only need to be adjusted once, stepping in and out of the Fastec bindings takes a matter of seconds!

Tool-free highback forward lean adjustment:

- The wheel on the highback lever allows for super easy forward lean adjustment, even with gloves on! Steeper angles with more forward lean enhance board control on the slopes, while a more flat angle with less forward lean provides more range of motion for freestyle tricks and prevents edge catching on rails and landings.

Size-adjustable highback:

- To guarantee optimal fit and perfect centering for all boots, the Fastec highback can be adjusted lengthwise to adapt to different shoe sizes.

Asymmetrical highback (medium flex):

- The asymmetric shape of the size adjustable and rotatable highback guarantees perfect ergonomic fit for all boots, without pressure points or folds. The wheel on the closing lever also allows for tool-free forward lean adjustment on the mountain, making this highback the perfect backbone for our all-mountain freestyle bindings. Finally, 20% recycled polyamide adds even more response and control in all terrains.

FT4 series baseplate made of high-quality plastic:

- The geometry of the light FT4 baseplate makes for a soft, harmonic binding flex, allowing it to simulate a board’s flex, without loosing any support. The perfect mix of torsion, lightness and response.

Auto-Release Buckles:

- The auto-release system is located on the side of the bindings and complements the drop-back highback by automatically opening and widening the ankle strap when the back is opened. When closing the highback, the system automatically fastens the strap and guarantees perfect hold with in a single move.

Micro Pump Buckles:

- The Micro Pump Buckles on the inside of the straps allow for last minute fine-tuning on the mountain; for example when there’s snow in the bindings or under the boot. Also, if more pressure is needed for a fast run-in or big kicker, the fine buckles easily tighten or loosen the strap for more range of motion or added response.

Cable redirection:

- The cable redirection on the Fastec highback ensures free sideward movement for tweaks and bones, while also facilitating the closing of the drop-back.

3D Freestyle Toe & Ankle Straps:

- The ergonomic 3D straps fit all boots and give perfect hold without folds or pressure points. With their medium flex, the Freestyle Toe and Ankle Straps guarantee perfect hold in any situation. To prevent the toe straps from slipping, an inserted anti-slip rubber band ensures the strap stays on the boot, even under extreme conditions. All straps have easy, quick tool-free adjustability to fit all shoe sizes.

Oversized EVA highback-pad:

- A soft, ergonomic EVA cushioning on the highback ensure absolute riding comfort without pressure points on the calf or in the boot by extending the cushioning over the edge of the highback.

EVA footbed:

- To make sure neither icy slopes nor hard landings pose a problem, the baseplates are cushioned with a footbed made of 20% recycled EVA. Blows and vibrations are completely dampened.

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