Völkl COAL BX RACE 15/16

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Völkl COAL BX RACE 15/16


Völkl COAL BX RACE 15/16

Völkl COAL BX RACE 15/16

Völkl COAL BX RACE 15/16

Völkl COAL BX RACE 15/16



The Völkl Race Lab designed this machine of a board for one purpose only: speed! The Coal Race was originally developed for professional racing, but now all speed junkies on the hill can ride it. The ultra-light construction, the Carbon beam and the VLR Split Base make the board extremely fast; countless podium places and the win of the SBX World Cup prove the fact! Speed checks and fast turns within the blink of an eye are no problem for the Pin-Tail Shape with enhanced Nose Rocker. Extreme acceleration calls for extreme equipment: For world cup missions Völkl developed the unique UVO Technology (Ultimate Vibration Object), which features a free floating, three-dimensional shock absorber in the nose which dampens shocks and bumps from the ground with its own centrifugal weight. The result is extreme smoothness and maximum control! Speed is all you need...


- Smooth & stable - Ultimate Vibration Object (UVO)
- Vibration dampening - Anti-Vibrations-System (AVS)
- Super fast - Völkl Race Lab Split Base
- Maximum edge hold - Pin-Tail Shape with extra wide radius
- Responsive - Völkl Premium Carbon / POP4.0


- Effective edge in mm:1440
- Tip & tail length in mm:130/80
- Tip & tail height in mm:35/13
- Tip/waist/tail length in mm:307/256/288
- Inserts (quantity/setback in mm):24/35
- Stance in cm (min/med/max):51/59/63
- Comp.sidecut (radius in m/sidecut):12,58/DIRECT,RACE
- Recommended rider‘s weight in kg: >70

Pro Camber with Nose Rocker / Coal Race:

- With their strong camber, these shapes are especially suited for advanced riders and everyone who is into high speed. The shorter edge of the concave nose increases turning qualities, while maintaining smoothness and direct response, allowing speed checks in the deepest faces.


Back-screened topsheet:

- Topsheets with silkscreened graphics are printed on the backside of a transparent and impact-resistant topsheet material. This protects extremely well against damage without compromising design or color.

Ultra-light topsheet:

- At only 0.3mm, this high-tech razor thin topsheet guarantees maximum weight reduction but requires a specific print technology.

Matte topsheet:

- This new, matte texture doesn’t only make the topsheet more scratch resistant but also adds anti-slip characteristics which come in handy when pushing or riding one foot. It also prevents snow from sticking to it.

Ultimate Vibration Object (UVO):

- To guarantee the most stable and smooth ride, a new three dimensional construction technique to cushion disruptive vibrations was added in 2014/15. This incorporates free-floating mass dampeners that effectively counter vibrations with their own swing mass. Since the most oscillation occurs in the tips, the UVO is built near the top of the nose to minimize vibrations. Thanks to the 3D dampeners it works for blows and vibrations from all directions (360°). This ensures that the edges stay in contact with the ground (or are only disconnected very briefly), making the board ride a lot smoother while keeping perfect edge grip. Since the UVO technology is mounted freely it doesn’t interfere with the dynamics and liveliness of the board.

Anti-Vibrations-System (AVS):

- The Anti-Vibrations-System is integrated directly into the topsheet underneath the bindings and absorbs all bumps and shocks with its special rubber/gel layers. The AVS unfurls its potential most noticeably when a board is on an edge, providing tremendous dampening and absorbing all vibrations.

Smart Torsion Inlay:

- With their special shape and positioning the Smart Torsion Inlays (made of special hardwood) enhance torsional stiffness, since pressure and power are distributed equally along the whole board and transferred to the edges. This results in better control and maximum hold for high-speed runs.

Tip-to-Tail Supreme Woodcore with Cellcore Inlays:

- This unique Cellcore uses a high-tech rigid foam synthetic material adapted from aerospace technology between the bindings. Combined with a higher percentage of solid wood around the insert area this core boasts extremely short response times at a minimal weight, creating an extraordinary riding behavior with maximum stability.

Slim-Tip construction:

- In contrast to conventional sandwich construction, the Slim-Tip Construction incorporates a solid, shock-absorbent urethane inlay in the nose and tail, which reduces weight and centrifugal mass, making the nose look slimmer and enhancing rotational characteristics of the board.

Directional Race Sidecut:

- For the Coal Race Edition the Völkl Race Lab developed a special sidecut concept with shorter nose and concave tail. This pintail shape might look strange to a greenhorn, but when it is all about racing the smooth tip and tail rocker and the big sidecut radius make sense. This is because they make for a board with seemingly shorter edge and playful riding characteristics on rollers and jumps, while at the same time guaranteeing great edge hold and perfect control at maximum speed.

Pro Camber Shape with Nose Rocker:

- With their strong camber, these shapes are especially suited for advanced riders and everyone who is into high speed. The rocker in the nose of the board shortens the contact edge, which improves the board’s agility allowing speed checks even in the steepest faces. Furthermore the early rise of the nose improves float in powder and provides faster gliding characteristics.

6x2 Insert System:

- There are three common insert systems, in which the distance between the inserts differs. With a 4x4 system, the inserts are 4cm apart. With the 5x2 and 6x2 Insert Systems, the insert rows are only 2cm apart, which means that the stance can be set more precisely, with the 6x2 system offering the most individual placement options. The discs can then be used to adjust the centering of the bindings.

Sandwich construction:

- Located between the upper and lower layer of fiber on the core of the board is a sidewall made of ABS synthetics that has been integrated to directly transmit pressure from the bindings onto the edge without loss of power. This makes the board even more responsive, providing maximum edge grip and the smoothest ride possible.

Triaxial fiberglass weave in upper and lower beam:

- This special weave consists of fibers that are positioned at a 45° angle (+45°/-45°) in addition to a longitudinal direction. Depending on the density of the woven fibers, torsion and flex are enhanced without increasing the core’s thickness. This reduces weight and enhances responsiveness as well as edge grip.

Völkl Premium Carbon weave / POP4.0:

- This layer, made completely of carbon, adds minimum weight and provides more smoothness and maximum response.

Triple aramid weave:

- Tension and pressure resistant aramid fibers in the upper and lower layer dampen vibrations in the board, especially at higher speeds.

Völkl Race Lab Splitbase / P-Tex 4500 World Cup:

- This exceptional base combination was created using the best-known materials but is the secret to the fastest and best to prepare bases on the market. The materials beside P-Tex 4500 World Cup and extraordinarily scratch-resistant side strips of P-Tex 5000 will remain secret.

Fine stone finish:

- Additional grinding with an extra fine stone gives an even more perfect finish, enhancing wax absorption and gliding characteristics

Special structural finish:

- In addition to the Stone Finish our top boards also have a Structural Finish in a flat pound pattern, which maximizes acceleration. To ensure optimal performance, the base should always be brushed after waxing, using strokes of light, constant pressure from nose to tail.

Diamond finish:

- Diamond Finish is standard for all Völkl boards. Edges are ground so that they extend 1° down from the base and 1° out from the sides and heated for maximum durability. This provides easy maneuverability and great edge hold in icy conditions.

Wax finish:

- All Völkl boards are equipped with Wax Finish before leaving the factory. This fine layer of wax is fine for the first couple of runs but to ensure the base keeps its gliding characteristics over time, we strongly recommend hot waxing before its first use on snow!

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